College Ethics Symposium
College Ethics Symposium

Program Information for Students and Faculty

35th Annual

College Ethics Symposium Schedule

October 25th

October 26th

October 27th

Breakfast with Host Families

Breakfast with Host Families

8:30 am


8:30 am


12:00 Noon

Distinguished Leaders Luncheon

12:00 Noon

Lunch & Closing

1:00 – 5:00 PM


2:30 – 5:00 PM


2:00 – 5:00 PM

Social activities for early arrivals

5:00 – 6:00 PM

Orientation ~ Casual reception

6:15 -  7:30 PM


6:30 PM

Dinner at Residents’ homes

7:30 -  8:45 PM


The facuty also has their own program often sharing experiences they have involving Ethics issues on their campuses. 


The world needs more ethical people! Learn how it is possible to be successful in life by making ethical decisions based on the values of what is right, good, honest, and fair. 



The objective of the symposium is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to handle contemporary ethical issues in the workplace. We also want to enrich your experience by exposing you to a number of of accomplished and ethical people who’ve had incredible experiences in all walks of life. These people serve as case study facilitators, leader presenter's, and overnight lodging hosts.

At the heart of the Symposium are the small discussion groups which consider real-life case studies involving the kinds of ethical issues that you will encounter at work. The case studies are available in the "Frameworks & Cases" section.  

The Symposium also provides you with the opportunity to learn from and socialize with students from a number of other colleges and universities in one of the most beautiful island locations in the world.

Tips to make your experience more valuable and enjoyable:

  1. Be sure to study the cases so that you can contribute more to the learning process. You may be called on to lead the discussion of one or more of the cases. 
  2. The Symposium provides a wonderful opportunity to meet outstanding students from colleges around the counrty. We hope you take advantage of the opportunity to learn from them and establish contacts for the future.
  3. Bring a bathing suit for the Thursday afternoon beach party and a jacket for the boat trip Friday afternoon. Try to schedule your arrival in Hilton Head as early as possible Thursday afternoon so you can enjoy meeting other students in a relaxed beach setting.
  4. In summary: Enjoy the opportunity to learn and the great social experience!  

Lets get this underway!!!!!!





THURSDAY OCTOBER 17             

1:00  - 3:30  - Beach Welcome Social Event - Islanders Beach - Go Directly
                       to the Beach
4:00              - Registration at Church - Gathering Space
                       Jim Webb....Welcome ... 
5:00  - 5:55  -  Mike Brock ...organization
                       Orientation with facilitators - Classrooms      
                       Faculty...Chris Schrott and Bob Wallhaus 
6:00             - Head to host families - Gathering Space 
7:00 -          -  Dinners with host families
-------             - Breakfast with host families 
8:15              - Meet in Gathering Space
8:20 - 11:55  - Case Study Discussions plus Faculty Programming - Classrooms
12:00-  1:45  - Lunch : Program TBD
2:00               - Depart for Harbour Town and Boat Trip
2:30 -   4:00   - "Dolphin Cruise" aboard the Vagabond         
6:00              -   Jim Webb.. Welcome 
                          Friday Evening  Appreciation Program. Heavy Hors 
                          D'Oeuvres (finger foods) in Gathering Space

                          followed by Appreciation Program and a special evening speaker. 

                          Mike acknowledgments.

                          Steve Miller ...Introduction of Schools and Faculty

                           Jim Webb Donor Appreciation


6:40                   Dessert       

7:00                   Introduction of Guest Speaker...                

                      -   Special Guest. David Lauderdale
                           Closing.. Steve Miller
8:30               - Dismissal to host homes
-------  - Breakfast with host families 
8:15   - Meet in Gathering Space 
8:20   - Case Study Discussions   Classrooms
12:00 - Mike Brock Lunch and Closing - Fellowship Hall 
For more details contact Steve Miller



Registration  - to be handled by using the "Excel Email Registration Form”
 submitted by your faculty sponsor


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