Welcome to the 2023 College Ethics Symposium

Roland King - Symposium Chairman 

It is my pleasure to welcome this year’s participants to the 46th College Ethics Symposium.  Dare I say when the founding members created the concept that resulted in this Symposium, they never anticipated a stoppage due to a hurricane one year and a coronavirus for two years. Yet, here we are, delighted to continue the tradition they started in 1978.

The objective of the Symposium is – and always has been – to equip college senior students with specific knowledge and skills to navigate through contemporary ethical issues both in the workplace as well as in their private lives.

We use case studies as our teaching tools to convey ethical and moral principles. Past participants have described the Symposium as a much needed and value-added experience prior to leaving academia.
Please enjoy this in-person experience on beautiful Hilton Head Island where both students and their faculty advisors will engage for 2 1⁄2 days of case discussions, sharing, and fellowship.

Roland King - College Ethics Symposium Chairman