Welcome to the 2022 College Ethics Symposium

Attendees - What to Expect

For your planning, you should know that the dress code for the symposium is casual.  The weather is normally very pleasant.  Cooler days prevail as Hilton Head Island settles into the autumn season. Of course, here on the Island, cool is just code for comfortably warm. Over the month of October, the temperature gradually cools, but the average daily temperature still falls anywhere between a low of 59 degrees to a high of 77 degrees, with most days achieving a temperature in the low 70s.  It does cool off in the evenings, so bringing along a cover-up is a good idea.

If you arrive prior to the official registration time, your faculty advisor may opt to take a visit to the beach. You may want to think about beach attire, but the water may be too cold for anything other than wading.  On Friday afternoon, we’ll be going out on a boat ride and that will be casual too.  Before coming to the session on Friday, you may want to check the weather to see if warmer clothes are necessary for the boat excursion.  Bring it with you on Friday morning, because we will head directly to the boat after our small group sessions. We have been fortunate over the years that it is usually sunny and warm.

BED & BREAKFAST: When asked to rate their overall experience, past attendees of the College Ethics Symposium have consistently given the highest marks to “staying overnight with Host Families”. For years, local residents have graciously opened their homes and condos for two nights to between 1 to 4 students and/or their faculty advisor. This opportunity gives the visiting colleges a hometown flavor to experiencing Hilton Head Island while allowing the gift of hospitality to be granted by the Host Family. Because the students spend all day in class, the hosts offer this Bed & Breakfast experience of lodging and a quick start to the day over breakfast. The chaperoning professor supplies all transportation regardless whether staying with the students or not. The College Ethics Symposium Committee supplies a group Friday Night Appreciation Dinner on the First Presbyterian Church campus for all students, faculty advisors, Host Family members and CES staff. History has shown “Bed & Breakfast” and some family time in a friendly setting adds tremendously to the whole experience of these best and brightest college students while they are away from the hectic campus life.

THURSDAY NIGHT DINNER: Some volunteers wishing to help do not have the room or time to act as overnight hosts. However, many local families enjoy entertaining a college group of four students and their professor for an opportunity to gather around the table for a Thursday Night Dinner at home.  You will be assigned a Thursday night dinner host for a 6:30 dinner invitation. The chaperoning faculty advisor supplies all transportation. You will enjoy great conversation, laughter, and may even have some ethics discussions while dining.  It has become a symposium experience highlight.  That may be a little bit more of a dress up occasion for you.