College Ethics Symposium - Frameworks

Study Material

These frameworks were developed as reference materials for the development of personal ethical decision making. Participants are also encouraged to review and understand the codes of ethics for their professional associations (accounting, health professionals, journalists, educators, etc.). Also, many companies have their own business ethics guidelines. These too are great reference materials.
  • The College Ethics Symposium is a nationally recognized program with a #1 ranking on Google out of 5.8 million references for the phrase “college ethics symposium.” It is planned and implemented by a committee made up of representatives from various Hilton Head area churches. The Symposium is held each year at Hilton Head Island, S.C.
  • The three day case study orientated Symposium has been held for 40 years for college seniors from throughout the nation. Over 3500 students have attended the program since its inception. Most students are selected by their colleges/universities through a rigorous process involving a formal application and consideration of their GPA and moral character. In short, we help develop the ethics of our nation’s future leaders who, in turn, will influence tens of thousands of other people during the course of their careers.
  • The mission of the College Ethics Symposium is “To foster ethical decision making by utilizing Christian and moral values.” We are respectful of the principles and values of students who practice other faiths.
  • The primary focus of the Symposium is to teach students that they can be successful in their careers AND be ethical. In addition, students learn how to identify and resolve difficult ethical issues that occur in the workplace.
  • At the heart of the Symposium are the small group discussions about real-life situations that are most likely to be encountered at work. These sessions are led by accomplished leaders who are trained in the art of discussion facilitation.