Meet Our Team of Facilitators

Experienced discussion leaders from the business and academia.

Each year, the College EthicsSymposium is incredibly fortunate to have a wonderful group of facilitators and partners.  With their dedicated leadership, we have watched the symposium grow to unforeseen levels!

Years of Experience

Facilitator Overview

The small group case study sessions are led by accomplished leaders who are trained in the art of discussion facilitation.  While accomplished in their fields of expertise, they will not be teaching or lecturing like in a more traditional classroom study.

Your facilitator will:

  • Guide you through each of the cases.
  • Motivate participation by each participant.
  • Maintain a safe and open environment for sharing ideas. 
  • Watch carefully for interpersonal dynamics of the group looking for signs of potential strain, weariness, lulls, and readiness to move on.
  • At every opportunity,  recognize the participants for their efforts and the progress they make, and their results. 
  • Time keeper. Keeping the session on track by tactfully cutting short irrelevant discussions, preventing detours, and maintaining a consistent level of detail throughout the session.
  • Listen carefully to the discussion and be able to quickly analyze and compare comments and to formulate questions that help manage the group discussion and challenge the group when appropriate.